Tandem Paragliding

Warm welcome to quite a special experience. Link up and fly freely like a bird in the air. The breathtaking all-round look in the Central Switzerland mountains  is a pleasure for everybody.

Choose among three different flights: 


The flight is made with an experienced tandem pilot in a double parachute. As an air passenger you sit in the front while the pilot steers the parachute from the back seat.


Thermikflug in verschiedenen Fluggebieten

Flugzeit min. 30 Minuten

Höhendifferenz min. 800 Meter

Gesamtdauer ca. 1.50 Stunden

Inkl. Bergfahrt

Fr. 230.00

Best View Stanserhorn


Flugzeit min. 30 Minuten

Höhendifferenz min. 1400 Meter

Gesamtdauer ca. 1.75 Stund

Inkl. Bergfahrt

Fr. 240.00