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Yoga at the Lake

Yoga is a wholistic life approach. Its foundation lies in India and comes from the pre-vedic tradition. Body and mind, as well as nutrition and the life-long learning process are included. 

Freshen up your senses during a Yoga workshop. 

Yoga Style

Asanas, the different yoga poses, from Hatha-Yoga are powerfully connected to sequences and lead to the form of Vinyasa Flows. The breath guides the body through the poses run together in a smooth way. Alignment is important. Asanas are easily and safely executed with a strong center and flexible spine. The focus of a strong inner center I learned through practising Cantienica®-Yoga.

Yoga instructor Nadine

Nadine is practising Yoga for more than 10 year. In summer 2010 she successfully completed training to become a certified Hatha-Yoga Instructor 200 RYS of the international Yoga Alliance. 

Besides her own practice and training she has participated in several workshop and teacher training modules in diverse Yoga styles, such as Vinyasa-Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, and Ansuara Yoga.

More information to Nadine's yogic path can be found here:

Summer Workshop August & September 2017

Dates and Location

The outdoor Yoga lessons on the lake in Badi Hergiswil will take place in the summer months agian. The dates and the flyer will be communicated here in May. 

If you have any questions in the meantime. Do not hesitate to contact Nadine


CHF 25.- inclusive reduced Badi-entrance ticket