Blockhittä Langis

Enjoy a cozy evening in the wooden Blockhittä on Glaubenberg.  Sie einen gemütlichen Hittäabend in der heimeligen Blockhittä auf dem Glaubenberg. 

Your event can be amended with a snow shoe tour, a flaming torch walk, or a speedy Zipfelbob race. After the activities we serve delicious traditional Swiss food from the region. We are happy to create your own experience and make it an unforgettable event for you on Glaubenberg (OW).

ab Fr. 49.00 pro Person

Event Offers
  • Actic Winter Games
  • Snow shoe tours
  • Zipfelbob race
  • Apéro with mulled wine over open fire
  • Exclusive skilift rental from CHF 450.00
  • Raclette à discrétion
  • Fondue à discrétion
  • Thai Buffet
  • Älplermagronen cooked over open fire
  • creative starters
  • 25 people in Blockhittä
  • 40 people on sun terrace
  • up to 120 Personen with Iglounge