Inflatable Igloo tent, mother nature, or the cozy log cabin. In different locations we cater up to 500 people. 


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The Iglounge

The whole year is the season for wonderful events in an igloo that never melts.

Inflatable, cosy, quick - cooled or heated as required.

An eye-catcher for every occasion.

Rent per day 8m Iglounge from CHF 999.-
Rent per day 13m Iglounge from CHF 1'999.-

Detailed information in this PDF

The Log Cabin

Cozy log cabin, named Blockhittä in Swiss German, in the picturesque region of Glaubenberg. 

Bring in some activity with a snow shoe tour, a flaming torch walk, or a speedy Zipfelbob race. 

Cabin capacity 25 people. Sun terrace capacity 40 people. Including Iglounge 120 people.

Read more about Blockhittä


Anywhere Outdoors

Nature is everywhere.

The all-year round most charming location. Enjoy its beauty while getting a delicious meal served.

At the water front, around a bonfire, or under the trees.